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The Ten Best Picture Winners To Make Time For

It’s the end of an era. I have sat down and watched all 85 (86 as of last Sunday) Best Picture winners and can reliably give you a run down of the ten that you should definitely make time to see.

There are so many more I could recommend; after all there’s a reason they’re the Best Pictures; Lawrence of Arabia, Gone With The Wind, Annie Hall, Patton, Amadeus, Rocky, The Lost Weekend, One Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Mrs Miniver Casablanca, On The Waterfront, etc to name but a few. In fact the easier task would be to outline the films you have to avoid at all costs, such as Cimarron, Braveheart, Cavalcade, Hamlet, A Man For All Seasons, Terms of Endearment, Out of Africa, The Greatest Show On Earth, Around The World In 80 Days, etc.

Below you’ll find a handy list of films that you might not ordinarily pick out of a pile, but will round out your cinematic education and help all those pop culture references slot into place.

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The Flicktalking Oscars

Thank you! Thank you! You’re too kind! Thank you! Honestly, take your seats or we will have to cut your speeches even shorter. Welcome to the first annual Flicktalking Oscars night. Unfortunately, as we couldn’t even convince ourselves that this is a real awards, there will be no red carpet coverage and I, Daniel Simpson (the third favourite member of the podcast), will be hosting.

To explain as to how this will work. Each member of the Flicktalking team (Ash, Dan, Rob, Becky and Brad) as well as Tom who appeared on the podcast earlier this year, have ranked their preferences in each category, I have then assigned points to those preferences and worked out a winner. In some cases, much like the actual Academy, we didn’t all see the films, and so they got a zero.

Any draws are decided by most top picks. So, boring shit out of the way, let’s get it started with some of the awards that even the winners aren’t particularly interested in:

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In Memorium: Harold Ramis

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write one of these so soon after the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman. I was certainly hoping it wouldn’t be a loss that hit me harder than usual. That may sound insane to a lot of people, how can I be so affected by the death of a man I never met? I can’t answer that, in the same way that I can’t begin to think how I can accurately eulogise a man who had such a profound impact on my personality, the person I’ve become and the sense of humour I have.

I will give it my best shot.

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It Simply Shouldn’t Work

Way back in the summer of 2009, it was announced that the architectural children’s toy LEGO was being adapted into a motion picture.  It was a time before the flop of Battleship, when Paramount basked in the financial glory of Transformers and it’s sequel, yet even  the most ardent fan of the toy questioned the motivations of bringing it to the big screen. Fears were sated slightly by the announcement of a directing duo, fresh from their big screen debut, but the idea lingered that a Lego movie simply will not work.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller believed differently, after all, it’s what they’ve been hearing for years.

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Spoiler Warning (No spoilers for anything ever below)

It is harder to avoid spoilers than it ever has been before. With the increase in formats for potential conversations available, it is almost an achievement to not have something ruined for you. With this new conversational landscape, it was inevitable that we would also see an increase in people questioning how much can be said without spoiling something and at what point is it acceptable to spoil something.

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