The Flicktalkers


AshEditor, host and general captain of this vessel, Ash has been obsessed with ‘Jaws’ from a young age and considers it to the sole catalyst for his love of film. He is the founder of Flicktalking and all of its predecessors but is less Mark Zuckerberg and more Dr. Zoidberg. Dislikes the work of Lars Von Trier, Lars Ulrich and Lars Bohinen but is willing to give almost everything else a fair shot. 


DanDan feels he has no more, and potentially less, right to discuss films than you do, having never studied, made or worked in film. Despite this making him the least qualified of the team, he is  still the most opinionated. What films does Dan champion? Probably the ones that Ash hates.


396590_10151295115046438_587014470_nRob’s favourite film is Back to the Future and he gives a pass to anything involving Transformers, Superman, Elizabeth Shue and 3D. He also loves French films, the works of Spielberg and the unnecessary destruction of Michael Bay, as well as an urge to direct something, which will probably rip off the many coming of age movies that he has on rotation whilst waiting to come of age.



Becky didn’t watch Jaws until her 28th birthday. She considers Showgirls to be one of her favourite films. She also works in film marketing, so is currently without a human soul. When she’s not thinking of ways to promote films through use of infographics and bobble heads, she enjoys watching Best Picture winners, horror movies, reading scripts and telling you what’s wrong with yours. Unlike the other Flicktalkers, she doesn’t mind Colin Hanks.


Brad Hanson

Brad HansonBrad is a self-appointed Horror aficionado – championing the works of Argento, Bava & Fulci but will watch anything horror related.  Rivals Dan for “least allowed to comment on film” but did co-create a Knightmare spoof in 2006 that received 20,000 hits on YouTube so…..Won’t watch Jaws as he has a crippling phobia of Sharks. Not anywhere near as funny as he thinks he is.